Fedora Veloview5.1 Cannot Read Data From sensor VLP-16

The application stats up fine, but is not able to get any data from the sensor (its a VLP16 aka Puck). I am having no issues when passing the ethernet into a Windows VM and reading it with Veloview 3.5 (newer versions require hardware acceleration for QT)

Hello @CJCY , as far as I know, we have not tested Veloview on Fedora, so I cannot guarantee there is no issue specifically there, but that looks like a network configuration issue.
Are you able to see the data being streamed on the network ( using wireshark tool for instance ) ? And if so, are you able to share a pcap file you would have captured way ?

I just tested and I am able to get the data from Wireshark just fine. Here is the file: Send

Maybe is it because I am on a laptop and am using a dongle to get the data? and maybe I need to select the adapter as a source

Hi @CJCY , sorry we had not downloaded the file in time and it now unavailable, could you please send it again ?

here is a google drive link: wiresharkdump.pcap - Google Drive

The pcap file seems just fine and opens without any issue in LidarView / Veloview.
One check you could also do is to simulate a stream from your pcap file.
To do so :

  • use PacketFileSender utilitary that you should find in install / bin folder to stream data from the pcap on a certain UDP port. From bin folder : ./PacketFileSender path/to/pcap --lidarPort=XXX ( default is 2368, but any valid udp port should be fine ) --loop ( you can access extra options with --help )
  • Open a stream on that same port ( chosen through the calibration window)

You should see your file being streamed over your local network and read in Veloview.