fetch fielddata to client

Hi, I have a customization of ParaView (using a c++ Plugin). I update some client info (GUI) depending on witch data is been displayed in the views. To do this I need to fetch some data from the server side, (the FieldData of the current dataset visible in the current view), this data has only one tuple, so is very light. (I know in python you can use something like the servermanager.Fetch).

For the moment (in my c++ plugin) a have a pointer to a vtkPVArrayInformation in my client to the fielddata but I do not know how to transfer the array to the client to access the first tuple.

Any ideas?

ps : using version 5.6


This is not as easy to do in C++, you have to use specific filters to do that.

see vtkSMTooltipSelectionPipeline::ConnectPVMoveSelectionToClient as a working example.