File name does not appear in information/FileProperties section y

I have been using quite old version of ParaView (5.6.x), and yesterday I downloaded recent ParaView (5.11.1) in my new desktop.

It was quite handy to load series of files to look into its time evolution, and in the ‘information’ panel, I was able to check what file is being rendered.

But somehow currently it only shows the name of the first file, and it does not change even though I change the rendered time slice.

I have tried older versions of ParaView, but it also only shows the very first name of the files. Anyone has any workaround to get the file name I am currently seeing?

I’m afraid this is the expected behavior of the file series. It is a bug though but the fix will probably be to display an * instead of the actual filename of the file. Isn’t the time information on top not enough for you to know which file is being opened ?

Yes, I can know which file I am with after some counting, but things get annoying if I am opening 117th file, and the first index of the file is 17, and the file is stored with spacings of 11. It would be the file with the index of 17 + 117*11. And yes, this is what 10 years old kid is already able to do, but it is annoying if I have to do this everytime, and it is highly likely for me to make mistakes.

Of course I can store the index of the file inside VTK as an separate attribute, but this is not always the case if I am with a code which is not mine, and controlled on the Git.

I am asking this because back then with my old desktop and old paraview the behavior was just as what I needed without any modifications…

@mwestphal , this is indeed a bug. I recall this was designed to work. We even added a FileNameInfo property just for that reason so it can give the actual filename used by the meta-reader. I suspect the panel needs to be linked to correct property. I verified by opening a series of .vtpc files that the FileNameInfo shows correct info after UpdatePropertyInformation call. The may have gotten introduced when I refactored then panel a few releases ago.

Indeed! @sangjun11316 , could you open an issue on ?

information/FileProperties section does not display correct filename corresponding to the one being rendered. (#22287) · Issues · ParaView / ParaView · GitLab (

Sure, I created it. Maybe other information are needed? I will try to give it if you specify the needed information (I am not good at all the software, install, and hardware stuffs)

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