File reader for SCHISM ocean model


I am a totally beginner in the paraview.
Please understand me even my question is a little weird.

I’d like to visualize SCHISM ocean model result using the paraview.
But, it seems that there’s no file reader for schism model.
Can I know if someone created and can share the file reader for this model?

Thank you for your clicking this question.

Hi @Jeong

Please share your data.

Looks like this project may help: Improve unstructured netCDF reader (FVCOM, Telemac, ...) · Issue #243 · OpenDrift/opendrift · GitHub

Thank you for your informing.
It seems to be related to OpenDrift, not ParaView.

I think, I should make a reader file for a SCHISM model format.
I tried several reader format for unstructured grids installed in Paraview, but all of them didn’t work for the SCHISM.

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While studying a custom file format, I think I recognize your meanings. Do you mean that I may apply the netCDF reader of the OpenDrift to the ParaView because both are based on python code?

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