Filter (Extract) multiple cells in paraview

Hello to all,

I have a list of cells (~200) I would like to extract in paraview.

I can do this via Find data and by inputting the cellID’s.

I would like to know if this is possible to do with a list, to not have to extract each cell 1 by 1.

Best Regards

Not that I can think of. Could you remove them in a different way, such as with Threshold?

They are randomly spaced.

e.g., Cell 1, 25 370 1000 …

It would be nice if in extract selection filter I could supply a list with the ID’s, but it can only copy from an active selection :frowning:

Copy comma seperated list.
Find Data/ Cell/ Is One Of/ Paste.

It worked!

Thank you very much!

Now to ask the reverse, is it possible to do not Is one Of?

Edit: Just saw the invert selection tickbox