Filter stop working after restart of paraview

This is in Paraview 5.10.
Im not sure if this is a bug.

I have setup some filters like on this picture:
filter tree

When i set them up in paraview i can hide and show all of them with the eye symbol next to them.
But when i close and restart paraview some of the filters stop working (for example Contour1 and Glyph1). They dont have that eye symbol anymore. i tried to change the input on the filter, but it doenst fix it. Ist there any workauround?

GroupDataset1 Filter doesnt work after restart anymore.


It would be helpful if you could give more clear instructions on how to replicate this behavior. I close and restart ParaView frequently without this behavior.

You did not specify how you are creating these filters. I have never seen this behavior when adding filters through the GUI. However, I have seen this behavior like this when creating filters with a Python script. I find this issue can be fixed by explicitly calling the Show() or Hide() function for each pipeline object to create a solid or gray eyeball, respectively.

Hi Kenneth
I dont have a script that creates those filters.

Those error messages are not related to that problem (those are just missing jpgs)

OK. It appears that the problem is when loading a state (.pvsm) file.

I’ve never seen this behavior before. @utkarsh.ayachit, do you have any idea what is going on.

There are two separate things at play here:

  1. When a state is loaded, only visible pipelines are updated. SInce “Group DataSets” is not visible nor is any of its downstream filters, that pipeline remains unupdated on state loading. You can confirm that by look at the Information Tab with the filter selected. This is expected and not a bug.
  2. The next is indeed an issue. The Pipeline browser does not show eyeballs for these un-updated pipelines. This is incorrect. It should. Will need to dig in to see why it decides that, but that is indeed a bug.

Did you try to recreate that behaviour on your side? If you need anything else please let me know. Regards

Fix pending here: