Find Data option for blocks


I’m working with a .silo dataset that has 1024 blocks and I’d like use Find Data to find just the small fraction of blocks where the cell data of a given field is non-zero. Pushing forward with this, it would be great if:

  1. I could also highlight the blocks in the render view.
  2. I could show a block id label similarly to the way that I can show point and cell labels in the selection display properties in the Find Data tool.
  3. Have the selection query linked to the Extract Block filter (or some block extraction filter mechanism) to automatically extract the selected blocks.

How much development effort do you think would be involved for this?


I would share in the development costs, if needed.

If I understand you correctly, this is already supported. Hit ‘b’ and then click on a block to highlight it. You can also use the Multiblock Inspector to select and highlight a block.

The cell/point tooltips already show the block name. Are you suggesting adding composite id to it as well? Should be easily to do.

We have some initial stuff for this, but we should support this better. We may have to think how the user interaction works for it to be smooth and easy to use, but technically doable and indeed something we should support.

Oh, I keep forgetting about the multiblock inspector. One thought though about highlighting blocks is that it’s a bit slow when there are a significant number of cells in the block. When using the Outline representation it is unnecessarily slow, in my opinion, since I really am only interested in seeing the outline of the block and don’t care about highlighting the individual surface cells. This may even be the case for other representations too.

For #2 what I’m thinking is that if I’ve run a block query and have found 12 blocks and they’re highlighted I can choose the Block Labels and select composite id (and/or maybe block name) and it will also show that as well. Similar to what I’m doing for Cell Labels in the following image: