Find data weird behaviour

Not sure why the finding cells by selection with BlockID = 2 and ID = 1 retrieves cells ID = 1 for both Block Number 2 and 4 (which are the only two block in the vtkMultiBlockDataSet). IS there any difference between Block ID and Block Number?

Thanks for the report. I know this issue is in our bug tracker, but can’t look for the link to it at the moment.

Thank you Cory! Selection is key in FEM result post-processing in 3D. Do you know if it is planned to be fixed for the upcoming release?

I’m not sure what release it is scheduled for. Our issue tracker is down at the moment, so I can’t check, but there’s a strong possibility it will be fixed for 5.9.

One last question for you Cory: Could you keep me posted once you can get access back to your issue tracker as well as let me know when 5.9 is roughly expected to be scheduled ?

Thank you

5.9 is scheduled for roughly October/November 2020. There will be an announcement when is back up.

Written up here:

@wascott Thank you Walter. I have also suggested an improvement for the Find data Find data bug fixes and improvement What do you think ? Thank you