Find data bug fixes and improvement


I am using Paraview 5.8.0 and I wish the Find Data functionality could be improved.

1- As I mentioned before (Find data weird behaviour), there is something wrong with Block ID / Block number identification. Clarification on the difference between Block ID and Block number could also be documented

2- I would also wish the criteria would also accept 'string. For instance our FE kernel generate vtkMultiblockDataSet. For each cell we create Cell Data like ElementType, MaterialName, GroupName … which all are strings. Enabling creating selection based on those names will be extremely powerful imo for begineers and medium level users. Are you guys planning anything in that direction ? (@cory.quammen @mwestphal) . Thank you

For 2. I agree that this would be a nice idea, feel free to open an issue.

@mwestphal Where exactly should I open the issue. Is the Development discussion not good enough? or should it be also place in Dashboard?

You need to put it on the bug tracker. It is located here:

OK But only bug no feature request