FindData missing single point queries (is min/max/mean)

Hi everyone,

I stumbled across a problem using the FindData function, whenever I try to isolate a group of points on a Clip, it can correctly search for various criteria like “in range/ <= mean / …” but when I try the queries that should output one single point like “is max/is min/ mean” then it doesn’t output any point saying it fails to evaluate them with the following error:

Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you in advance

Hi @s195t ,

please share data and steps to reproduce.


I actually found a workaround, I tried to do the same thing but first extracting a single flow property (eg. pressure) with a calculator by just giving pressure as input scalars. The resulting array was correctly parsed and I could get maxima, minima and everything.

Reference: Old thread from mailing list