Fix orientation for triangles after Delaunay2D filter

I have a pipeline which consist on a Delaunay2D filter followed by an ExtractSurface. After this, I save the mesh as an obj. I have tried to load it in CGAL and it reports each time different number of faces, until I have realised that the orientation for the faces generated by my paraview pipeline is not consistent.

coarseobj = WavefrontOBJReader(registrationName='coarse.obj', FileName='coarse.obj')
delaunay2D1 = Delaunay2D(registrationName='Delaunay2D1', Input=coarseobj)
extractSurface1 = ExtractSurface(registrationName='ExtractSurface1', Input=delaunay2D1)
SaveData('coarse.obj', proxy=extractSurface1)

How can I fix the orientation of my triangles after this pipeline?


To adjust the normal direction of the triangles, you can apply the Generate Surface Normals filter to extractSurface1 with the Consistency option turned on.