fix timesteps (round time up)


I have two layers, one has timesteps 0.01, 0.02 0.03 s etc because I used the temporalshiftscale filter.
The other layers has time embedded (read vtp) but the timesteps are 0.0100001, 0.02000035, 0.03000048 s for instance. Paraview goes through time 0.01, then 0.0100001 etc; Thus paraview sees it as if there were 2x the number of frames. How can I round up the time of the second layer to make sure paraview reads both layer simulateneously?

ps: i tried the sychronize filter using one layer with the other but it did not change anything.

Thanks for the help!


Can you try using the TemporalInterpolator ?

Great find, using Discrete Time Step Interval = 0.01 and Resample factor = 2, it created the time steps 0.01 + 0.01s :slight_smile: