Flow field not smooth after Delaunay 3D

I need to reconstruct the pressure field from 3D coordinates and pressure values. The 3D coordinates are the center coordinates of the mesh of the cylinder calculated by discretizing the finite element mesh.

predict_pressure_90_ordered_for_paraview.vtk (3.0 MB)
predict_pressure_90_ordered_for_paraview.csv (3.4 MB)

After converting the csv containing xyz coordinates and pressure in order of zxy size into a vtk file and calculating it using Delaunay 3D, and then cutting the center plane, there is no smoothing. What should I do to fix it?

Already uploaded the csv, vtk and screenshot.
The original csv and vtk are too large, well over the 4M upload limit.
I deleted 70% of the extraneous data in the blue position of the z-direction image.
Please help to see how to deal with this problem

Please kindly help!
Thank you!

this is just what you data looks like inside the point cloud:

Thank you very much for your help.

Since it’s a phenomenon of bad parameters within the mesh, which also means that they don’t conform to the laws of physics, is there any filter that paraview can smoothen it out? I’ve tried a lot of ways to try to fix this, but there seems to be no change.
Or is it just a matter of accepting this as an objective fact?

Thanks again!

Smooth filter exists but it will not make the wrong values disapear.

Got it.
Thank you very much for your help.