Fluent 2021 R1 (Ensight Case Gold) solution files to ParaView 5.9.0

Looks like in Fluent 2021 R1 Engisht Case Gold file format has some changes. Did anyone use the recent Ensight Gold format in ParaView 5.9.0? If you can share your experience much appreciated.

When I try to read using Ensight Reader, I get the error message: Can’t read *.geo file .

Attachment note: Please combine the two zip files first (using 7- zip or similar tools), then unzip it.

Ensight_Gold.zip.001 (4 MB)
Ensight_Gold.zip.002 (2.4 MB)

Hi Niaz,

I also observed the same issue. There is a simple fix I found over on cfd online.

  1. Open the .encas or .case file with a text editor

  2. Search and replace all double quotes (") with a blank field (i.e. delete all double quotes).

  3. Also at the bottom of the file might be a couple lines starting with “script” - delete those lines

  4. Save the file, this is where I usually rename the extension from .encase to .case so Paraview automatically recognizes it as an Ensight dataset.


here’s what a cleaned .case file looks like:

Hi, I’ve opened an issue on the ParaView issue tracker to track this issue: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/20819

Thanks, Brandon @CSMDakota. Yes, this solved the problem.

Thanks @cory.quammen

The same works for 5.9.1, thanks.