Fluid and particles interaction

I am new here,i want to know i have two xdmf format files with fluid and partricles data,how i visualize in the paraview that the both fluid and particles interact.please guide me about it.thanks

Hi @BilalFareed123.3

ParaView can read XDMF files to you should be able to open both files at the same time and visualize both contents on the same view.

You may look at the documentation to know how to load such file in ParaView: 2. Basic Usage — ParaView Documentation 5.11.0 documentation


Hi @Francois_Mazen

Thank you for your response,
I am currently working on a project involving the display of particles on a fluid surface, fluid–particle interaction, and resolving the issue of particles.To provide a clearer understanding, I have shared an image illustrating the scenario. Could you please review the image and provide guidance on how to show the particles on the fluid surface to show interaction,while preventing them from going out of the box?waiting for your quick response.Thanks

If you want to detect particle in a specific area, you can Clip the volume to get only particles in this volume. If your simulation is unsteady (temporal), you may use the “Extract Particles Over Times” filter to detect particles that go through a given volume over times.

l’m not sure to understand your use case. ParaView is “just” an exploration and visualization platform, it will not modify or interact with your data.

Could you please give more detail on what you want to achieve?

Thanks @Francois_Mazen,

Actually,I am doing the sedimentation of non-spherical particles.I have generated two files from my software one is data_fluid.xdmf and other is data_particle.xdmf.I want to use both of these files to visualize both fluid and particles.I do not not know from where i start and how to do that which file i select first and which i select on 2nd no.please help me how i select both files at once to visualize them or any other technique.Hope you got the question.Thanks