Following Tutorial but not getting similar results.

Hello, I am trying to follow this tutorial linked below, but when I get to the simpleFoam command at 14:52 my results are completely different. For one all my forceCoeffes are 0. Which is not what is supposed to happen. Also I have not touched or edited any of the files, except when they said to move them.

[Openfoam Tutorial 4] Simulating the flow around a Motorbike with SnappyHexMesh - YouTube

This is a ParaView discourse, not a OpenFOAM discourse. You may want to ask here:

Sorry about that.
I had assumed that sinced ParaView and OpenFoam were bundled together they would be under the same umbrella.

OpenFOAM is bundling a custom version of ParaView called ParaFOAM. ParaView and ParaFOAM are not the same software.