For tetrahedral mesh, how to get vertex IDs

If I import a tetrahedral mesh, I can see the coordinates of the vertices, by selecting “point data” in spreadsheet view. The corresponding “cell data” only shows the tetrahedral element number, its label value, and that it is a tetrahedral element – but doesn’t show the vertices it’s comprised of. Is there a filter for this?


I don’t know an answer to your direct question, but if you know the cell you are looking for, there is a way around this. Select the cell of interest (Either use the Find Data dialog, or use a GUI select.) Now, Spreadsheet View. Show Point Data. Only show selected Elements. This will show the points around your cell.

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I actually wanted this for all the cells. But thanks to your answer, I found the option I wanted (toggle connectivity visibility). It’s next to the show only selected elements option you mentioned.

Thanks again!!