Forcing the Extent Translator to a non-default value

Hello All

in order to do much faster I/O with some custom data, I’d like to override the default BLOCK_MODE of my pipeline to force the Z_SLAB_MODE all-the time. In my Python Programmable Source prototype, I set

outInfo.Set(vtk.vtkExtentTranslator.UPDATE_SPLIT_MODE(), vtk.vtkExtentTranslator.Z_SLAB_MODE)

and all goes well…unless I use a filter requesting ghost cells and then my data ends up missing a lot of cells.

I have made a single test (attached) to debug this and can’t get further clue. A pipeline expert might tell me what is missing and why any value in [XYZ]_SLAB_MODE result in missing data.

TIA (2.8 KB)