Found dependency on boost but not really necessary?

Hi all,

First of all, I’d like to warn that this estrange thing I’ve found in Paraview 5.0.1 + Linux binaries, I would just like to understand if this is something known already.

I downloaded from the downloads section the binaries package ParaView-5.0.1-Qt4-OpenGL2-MPI-Linux-64bit.tar.gz

I’ve found that + have dependencies on boost libraries:

[aurora@linux-dev-1 ParaView-5.0.1-Qt4-OpenGL2-MPI-Linux-64bit]$

ldd lib/paraview-5.0/ | grep boost => not found => not found

find ./ -name “boost

(nothing found in the whole paraview package)

The thing is that Paraview is working perfectly

Then it seems that those two libraries were not used at all? Anyone knows why those libs had that broken dependency?

Since all the dependencies are packaged with paraview, ldd will not quite tell the truth here (it will only look for your system’s libraries).

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/lib ldd lib/paraview-5.0/

Also, your find command should be find ./ -name "libboost*"

BDATReader and friends are from the VortexFinder project. They’re plugins, so ParaView doesn’t care about them right away.

I’ll also note that this appears to be a 5.0 build. Since then, our packaging step has gotten a lot better about actually packaging all required libraries. Some plugins missing a library or two is not 100% surprising to me from the 5.0 era.

Thanks for your answers. I deleted them and everything keeps working smooth. Thx