from 3d model to 2d slice

Dear all,
I have a 3d model plotted with paraview. I have extracted from it a 2d slice and now I would like to save data from this slice projected in a 2d system (x,y and vx,vy). However I couldn’t find a way to do it using paraview, which treats them as x,y,z and vx,vy,vz.
I have seen similar topics on this forum, but they seem not to be my case.

Thanks for your help.

Indeed, ParaView always saves 3 coordinates even if the 3rd one is 0.

To make your slice 2D you can use the Transform filter to rotate your slice into the XY plane. Unfortunately there is no way to setup the rotation from the slice normal (as far as I know) so you’ll have to compute this outside of paraview. I’ll be doing work to add this functionality to the widget.


Thank you Dan.

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