From HELYX OS to Paraview ==> No meshes

Hello everyone !

First I have to mention that I’m a total newbie with these program, for installation I just follow tutorial on youtube.

And to know how to use it I was following this tutorial

But when I’m at the 7:30 Paraview insult me with this :

ERROR: In vtkOpenFOAMReader.cxx, line 11320
vtkPOpenFOAMReader (0x168e8160): /home/misterwhy/Téléchargements/Engys/HELYX-OS/v2.4.0/eggs/eggs.foam contains no meshes.

ERROR: In vtkExecutive.cxx, line 741
vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (0x15eeeea0): Algorithm vtkPOpenFOAMReader (0x168e8160) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x1698e120)
Debug: Off
Modified Time: 392079
Reference Count: 1
Registered Events: (none)

Do you have any idea that could save me ?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Well, the OpenFOAM reader tells you there is no mesh in your openFOAM simulation, specifically it checks for:

    hasDefaultRegion = vtkFoamFile::IsFile(constantPath + "polyMesh/faces", true);

    for (vtkIdType entryi = 0; entryi < dir->GetNumberOfFiles(); ++entryi)
      std::string subDir(dir->GetFile(entryi));
      if (subDir != "." && subDir != ".." && dir->FileIsDirectory(subDir.c_str()) &&
        vtkFoamFile::IsFile((constantPath + subDir + "/polyMesh/faces"), true))

    if (!hasDefaultRegion && regionNames.empty())
      vtkErrorMacro(<< this->FileName << " contains no meshes.");
      return 0;

As to why this is the case, maybe you want to ask on a OpenFOAM forum :slight_smile: