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Dear Experts,
Does paraview provide the flexibility to develop my own SMproxy and my own vtkPVInformation, I want to display some information, that read from a server side, but i found it is difficult to transfer these information to client.

I found several options to do this, one of them is to create my own proxy class and PVInformation class, which seems have more flexibility for future more information display. However, I don’t want to change paraview code, How can achieve this?

Thanks in Advance!


This seems overly complicated for a task that sound quite simple.

could you please explain what you are trying to do ?

Hi Mathieu,
On server side, i developed my own reader that can read some information,
What I want to do is transfer these information from server side to client side, then i can choose to display them.
Since there are many kinds of information need to display at client side, i want to find a generic way to do such kind of “data transfer”

Thank you for your reply!

Why do you need them on client side to display them ? It is not needed to transfer them.

They are some information need to display on GUI
These information read at server side, so i have to “transfer” them to client side, in order to display on GUI

information_only properties are here for that.

Hi Mathieu,

Can you give me more details about how to use it?

This can only used in Proxy?

All the properties defined in proxy, i can get them by this proxy, what’s the function of the “information_only”?

from : Examples/Plugins/PropertyWidgets/Plugin/PropertyWidgetsFilter.xml

<DoubleVectorProperty command="GetShrinkFactor"
    This property's widget is standard, but it is a information_only property.
    The resulting widget will be disabled and show the value of GetShrinkFactor,
    once the changes have been applied.
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Thank you Mathieu, I will have a look at this example!

Thank you for your help!