Generating CSV or a Matrix in custom application code

Hi, In my custom application I want to convert my object into a csv or a matrix form. I mean in the code I want to generate the CSV and pass it to my own backend simulation code. How can I achieve that?
It can have multiple filters, including 3-4 calculator filter which generate new arrays. I want all these new arrays to be in the final csv.
How can I achieve this goal?

Programmable filter + numpy should be a way to do this. You can even write a proper writer , check the last example in the link that offers a numpy writer.

Would I be able to do this in my custom application which I am writing in C++ and Qt, similar to Clone 1 example given on the github?
ParaView/Examples/CustomApplications/Clone1 at master · Kitware/ParaView · GitHub

I haven’t used it demo recently but I see that the programmable filter is included

so you could give it a try.

I am trying to do something different, let me explain more clearly.

So I have this custom application of paraview, goal is to do my analysis (add filters etc), then I want to run my own simulation (a different code that I have in C++). I want to pass my object which I have created (using filters and other details) to my simulation code. I want to pass my object as a csv to my backend simulation code.

So, what I am asking is that, is there a way to convert my object into csv in a C++ code not from the gui itself?