Get data over curved surface


I’m a very begginer with paraview 4.3.1, I made a simulation thanks to SPH-flow, in order to see the pressure of the water on a rolling tire. So now I have the results in .xmf fomat, I can visualize them, plot over a line etc… But I need to get the data over a surface (cf screenshot ). How can I do this ?
Thank for your help

Welcome to the ParaView community, Marc!

First, let me suggest you update Paraview to a newer version. 4.3.1 is ancient. Go to, Downloads. 5.8.1 (current version) is looking like a very good release.

Next, maybe try using a slice filter?


It’s not totally clear what you mean by “get the data over a surface”. You are already plotting the data on the surface with pseudocolors, so presumably you mean something else.

Like @wascott said, you can use the Slice filter to extract a plane of data through your mesh.

If you want to extract out a box of data, sort of like you drew on your first image, you could use the Clip filter. Change the Clip Type to Box to extract a box-like region of the data.

If you just want the surface of a volume, use the Extract Surface filter.

Thanks for your answer, indeed the I’m already plotting the data with pseudocolours,but I don’t have the exact value all over the surface. So I’m looking for get the pressure of each my meshes (inside the “rectangle” in red) and extract them in csv file or thing like that. I’m gonna try your solutions.