get the output image export of the object in scene

this is my scene in one of the render view

what i want to get is the output the terrain surface image only or terrain only image ( from the top view).

I can see there is screenshot button in the UI.

but this take screenshot of whole view not just the terrain mesh !!

is there anyway i can do that?

This button is the edit camera button, not the screenshot button, which is two button on the left.

In any case, what do you mean by “just the terrain mesh” ?

ohh i am sorry, i pointed to wrong icon, yes camera icon which is at third is the one that i wanted to point out !!

i want to find the terrain output image after simplification and putting multiple image and i will use that texture to process that texture to process !!! like satellite image of the location, i want to get the texture of mesh which mean view of mesh from the top !!

i am sorry if i am not able to make it understandable or not

i want to extract like this image of the mesh.

You need to position your camera where you want it, probably switch to 2D mode and then take a screenshot.

if i take a screenshot, it looks like i get screenshot of whole render view not just mesh !!
I need high resolution image ( i mean image of dimension same as dimension of the mesh) and the image that i get from screenshot looks like small image !!!

Here is an example of doing what I said above:

  1. Switch to 2D mode
  2. Position your camera so you see only your mesh and align the edges of the view with your mesh
  3. Take a screenshot and increase resolution as you with