Get View Name

Is there a way to associate views with their registration names?

I was hoping for something similar to how with sources you can do GetSources()

Or perhaps there’s some kind of RegistrationName attribute somewhere that I’m missing?
(If this doesn’t exist, I think it would be useful for all objects - sources, filters, views, etc.)


The more I think about it the more I’m surprised it doesn’t exist (if that’s the case, I’m not ruling out my own lack of education)

You can specify registration name as a keyword argument
e.g. sphere = Sphere(registrationName='SphereA')
So I would assume that keyword argument/value pair would be saved somewhere attached to the proxy object

def GetViewName(view):
   pxm = servermanager.ProxyManager()
   return pxm.GetProxyName("views", view)

views = GetViews()
for view in views:
   print ("view name is", GetViewName(view))
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Awesome. Thank you!

Interestingly, GetProxyName doesn’t appear when you do dir(pxm) or when you autocomplete.

I feel like I’ve come across this with several methods in ParaView. What’s up with that?

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