Getting access to filter Proxy

Hello dear Paraview Developers!

I am trying to extend the GUI and I need to access my filter

pxm->GetProxies("filters", "MyFilter", render_view_proxies);

However, it does not work. There is no group as filters inside, only filter_prototypes. What should I use?

Best regards

This looks correct to me. Is “MyFilter” actually available in the filters of ParaView through a plugin or something ?

Yes, and more than that, it is launched and is in the pipeline monitor

More than that,

pxm->GetProxies(“filters_prototypes”, “MyFilter”, render_view_proxies);

It works but

vtkSMPropertyHelper dont set anything on them

what could be wrong?
Maybe update vtk is missing (or is it inside helper?)

Could my filter be on another vtkSMSessionProxyManager than

vtkSMSessionProxyManager* pxm = pqActiveObjects::instance().proxyManager();