Getting not found error with binary release of 5.6.1

Hi all,

Following the blog entry about the release of version 5.6.1 as of last night (local time), I downloaded the Linux binary release tarBall ( as I did before for recent versions, and updated my PATH in .bashrc (OpenSUSE leap 42.3, using NVIDIA graphics card).

When I try to launch paraview, I receive the following error:

/home/tom/ParaView/ParaView-5.6.1-MPI-Linux-64bit/lib/paraview: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I can still launch 5.6.0 or any older versions that I still have on my computer, so I am wondering if there is something particular to do?

I don’t have good ideas, but the poor ones I have is to remove your configuration files. These will be in ~/.config/ParaView. Next, try running a software renderer. Do it like this, obvoiusly in the paraview/bin directory:
./paraview --mesa-llvm

I forgot to mention. I downloaded this tarball for 5.6.1, and it ran fine for me. RHEL7.

you may need to install libglvnd package.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Unfortunately Walter’s suggestions did not solve the issue.
Regarding the libglvnd package, it is not available for my version of OpenSUSE is seems.
I do want to upgrade at some point to more recent versions, hopefully that would solve the issue. But if anyone has another suggestion, I am more than happy to try.

What is the output of this command ?

zypper se --provides --match-exact

Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
No matching items found.

I’m definitely no OpenSuse expert, but it looks like our release needs which is not provided on your distribution.

Yes, that is my conclusion as well. Some search results indicate that later versions have this option, so I will try and upgrade at some point (also other packages would require this).

Thanks a lot for the suggestions!