Getting "Point ID" value in Calculator Filter

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering whether they might be (or in a future version, could be) a “variable” in the Calculator filter (and therefore vtkArrayCalculator) to provide the value of the “Point ID” (which is the column heading from the Spreadsheet view).

The reason I’d like to use this is I have a dataset of points that represent a path through a terrain data set, and I would like to color the path to make it obvious which side is the beginning of the path, and which is the end.

Yes, the tool creating the path could probably output a time value in a separate column, but right now it doesn’t do that, and I expect there may be other tools and
occasions when having the ordered values of a dataset can be useful – hence my question/request.

For context, the path is a camera path that I create in a simple VR application I made which allows me to fly through a copy of the same data recording my movements. I then use this path in a pvpython script to create an animation. When I load it into the pipeline I’m only doing so to evaluate the camera path itself. I then turn this off when running the animation. (I think most ParaView users who create animations with a need for camera movement beyond orbiting the center of the data will understand why I’m using an external tool to create my camera path.

Sorry, a bit long winded for an extremely simple question/request.


The easiest solution is to run the Generate Ids filter. This will create a new field containing the point ids that you are looking for.

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Thanks Ken.