Getting uniformly distributed points

Hello all,
I am a very new user of Paraview so I apologize in advance if my question is very trivial to some.
I have a 2D surface extracted from a 3D one (x-y plane, i;e, y=f(x)). When I extract the data, the points are not uniformly distributed over the x-axis. That is, the distance between the x-coordinates of the points is not uniform. How can I fix this and get samples of the surface with a fixed distance along the x-axis? Thank you in advance for the help.

You want to use Ressample with Dataset filter.

  • Create a plane source with the resolution and position you want
  • Click on your 3D dataset in the pipeline browser
  • Add a RessampleWithDataSet filter
  • Select the plane as the “Destination Mesh”
  • Apply

Thank you for your reply Mathieu, but unfortunately, I am always getting an empty plane with no points
when I follow the steps you mentioned!

Here is an example state file :
ressamplePlane.pvsm (447.4 KB)

Extremely grateful for your reply Mathieu. I have followed the same procedure, but for some reason, the data projection on the plane I create has data points everywhere (as can be seen in the attached exampleresamplePlane2.pvsm (329.7 KB) )!

You need to provide your dataset ClosedRFSurfaceVOI_meters.vtk for me to test.

Thanks again for the reply. The data size is a bit large, I uploaded it to a drive accessible from here.

I misunderstood what you are trying to do.

It looks like you do not have a 3D dataset, but a 2D polygonal mesh ,which happens to be a closed surface.

Please explain what you are trying to do simply but fully.

I need to extract a slice of the surface over the x-z plane for post-processing. I was doing so simply using the slice filter, but then the extracted data points would sample this slice nonuniformally, which would make my post-processing algorithm unnecessarily complicated.

A slice of a surface is a line. Is this what you are looking for ?

All I need is the data points of the outline of the surface. Exactly as you get using the slice filter applied to my dataset but with a uniform distance between the data points. Apologies if I was unclear.

Much more clear now. You want the point on the line of the slice to have an uniform distance between them ?


There is no way to do that in ParaView directly.

You may be able to implement it yourself in a Programmable Filter, but it is not a trivial algorithm.

I see. Thank you very much Mathieu!