GetVersion() returns different values on the two connecting processes

I have a ParaView server (v5.12.0) installed on a remote cluster. I can connect to it from any Linux and Mac boxes using reverse connections and ssh tunnels. That’s the good part.

I cannot connect from Windows, using the power shell to set up my keys, etc.
I have verified that from my Power shell, I can set up the reverse tunnel and get to the server. The jobs are launched and they continue to fail with the error “Connection failed during handshake. vtkSocketCommunicator::GetVersion()
returns different values on the two connecting processes”. That error message is not right. I do have the same versions on both sides. In fact, I can connect using a forward tunnel to the login node, submit a job, forward the tunnel to the compute node, and my Windows client connects to the waiting pvserver.

in summary, the reverse connection over ssh tunnel works well for Linux and Mac clients. It does not for a Windows client, complaining that versions are mis-matched. Yet, the same Windows client can connect with a forward tunnel. So, at the very least, the error message should try to be more informative. Is there some debug flags/options I can use to get to the real symptoms?

probably a symptom of this issue:

@mwestphal . You are the best! the tips you sent suggested to change localhost by and it resolved the problem. Thanks a bunch.

Indeed, this is related to ipv4 and ipv6 :slight_smile: