Gitlab graphic glitch

I currently see a small glitch in gitlab :

  • Open any discussion in Gitlab
  • Hover the “add smiley” button
  • Glitch

Isn’t this more appropriate for the GitLab Issue Tracker?

Updates of GitLab on occur frequently, so if there is a fix in GitLab it will be deployed fairly quickly.

I wanted to be sure I was not alone with this first.

I don’t see it on Chrome macOS Version 76.0.3809.132.

Don’t see it on vivaldi (chrome-based) on archlinux

I see it on chromium on ArchLinux. Can you try chromium @nicolas.vuaille ?

Actually, I just tested and do not see it anymore. Strange.

Actually, I reproduce only on certain page, this one for example :

Looks like it is caused by the big image.

And only on chromium.

I can reproduce it on Chromium.

Has this issue been filed with upstream?

No, it slipped my mind.

Looks like this was fixed, but another issue arise.

I can’t set a smiley on any post anymore, the smiley window closes immediately after opening.