Gitlab, sha512 and images files

I know this is a long shot, but here goes.

Gitlab has some awesome image comparison builtin diff, that looks like this :

Would there be a way to inform gitlab that it can, instead of only showing sha512 number for the sha512 file, actually recover the image files and show the diff the same way ?

That would be awesome !


In principle, it shouldn’t be hard. The URL for the test image can easily be deduced from the sha512 and displayed in the Changes tab in an MR with some customization to GitLab… easier said than done, I’m sure.

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I’d rather we look into just using git-lfs in the longer term. AFAIK, all of the features we’d want are in the latest release(s), but we just need to integrate it with the ExternalData CMake logic.

I have been using git-lfs for a repository with test data. The size of the files are around 7Gb.
The total size of the repository is over 15Gb now and a git diff can takes around 5 minutes (subsequent call are normal, only the first one after a while does that).

All that to say that there are some limitations to git-lfs. I know our data is not as big, but this still may impact us.

The goal would be to still retain these behaviors with git-lfs:

  • Only download data as necessary (e.g., the test is enabled)
  • Ability to share data between repository builds (though now it’s attached to the source trees)

Newer git and git-lfs versions support batch smudge/clean filtering, so I recommend seeing if upgrading to using those would improve the performance of the core git operations.

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