Glance split view with different datasets

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I would like to compare 2 datasets with paraview glance by using a split screen with a different dataset on each screen.
Paraview glance allow for split screen and multiple datasets, but when I hide or show a dataset it hides or shows in all screens, only the view changes between screens.
Is there a way to display different datasets in different screens using glance ?

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In the current configuration visibility are shared across views. But if you fork the project, you can change the configuration to disable such property link.

Basically you just need to empty that array and it should work.

Maybe we have an option to dynamically change it, but @Forrest_Li is more up-to-date on Glance than I am.

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Sorry, I am not really on par with the coding.
What do you mean by fork the project ?
Also you mean just remove all the component of the dictionnary ?

Glance currently doesn’t support showing different datasets in each view. I’ve done this in a private Glance fork, but porting it would require more effort in UI design, and I don’t have much time currently to do so. So at this moment, your options are to open two tabs side-by-side with Glance loaded in each, or to modify Glance to support this use-case.

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