glTF camera

I export this scene in glTF with Paraview but when I open it in a glTF viewer I can’t rotate to see the intersting part. (I want to stick with online glTF online viewer because it’s move convenient to share)
Is there a way to set the default view that is taken into account in the glTF writer please ?
Best, Frank

I also noticed that when I export in glTF with Blender, there are no restrictions view and I can rotate indefinitly. Do you think there is a way to do so in PV ?

The glTF exporter does not support exporting cameras yet. This could be implemented though.

Do you think there is a way to do so in PV ?

No idea what you mean here.

Hello @mwestphal,

I meant export a glTF scene without point of view/angle limitation when navigating on the scene.

If that’s no possible, is there a way to set the origine point taken into account ?

Best, Frank

There is no such limitation.