GLTF Export

I successfully export one GLTF that comes from a NetCDF without coordinate system (local).
I tried the same with a georeferenced NetCDF with a reference system but I see nothing when I open it in a GLTF viewer like
Please find the non working GLTF in attachement and the NetCDF used to do it.Export.gltf (562.6 KB) (1.5 MB)

I had no issue generating a gltf file from your nc file:
expo.gltf (540.2 KB)

btw, you can use F3D to quickly visualize .gltf file instead of using a web viewer:

After you told me that I tried with the PV 5.9 and it works too. Which is a problem considering I only can see my NetCDF components with the 5.8. Thanks

Is this netcdf issue logged somewhere ? I’m able to open your dataset with 5.9.1 without issue.

It is juste a sample, it doesnt work in my entire file like this one, it only shows “_unit” components, but stangely I can see the first one : image Is there a limite size to upload file ? I can’t post the NetCDF (3 000 000Ko)