Glyph problem with paraview 5.6

I founded a problem with the glyph tool, in version 5.6 when I try to create a glyph (arrows) from a velocity vectors field map, I generate the arrows with the correct scale, but when I try to include information about the color the “GlyphVector” option disappears, and also de velocity variable from the list of parameters that I included in my VTK file.

If you have any solution for that I appreciate your answer.


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Additionally the Glyph filter color map options (in the color map ribbon) does not seem to pull in all the available vectors. I used the calculator function to create a ‘VectorScaled’ variable and then attached the Glyph filter to it, but I do not see VectorScaled as a color map input option. Only the variables that are included with the original file are shown? This is not the case for slice or clip for instance (and also not how the Glyph filter worked in 5.5 as I recall).

Hi, this is a known issue in the new Glyph implementation in 5.6. It is on my todo list and preliminary work is here: