Glyphs with Radius < 0.01 don't show up

Here is a vtu-file containing two points which I wish to visualize as sphere-type glyphs.
points.vtu (781 Bytes)

So, I load the file, set
representation → 3D Glyphs
Glyph Type → Sphere
Radius → 0.01
and it works flawlessly:

However, setting the radius to any value lower than approximately 0.009129475239 has the sphere disappear.
How can I make these glyphs show with a smaller radius?

Here’s the state file: state.pvsm (152.8 KB)

A colleague of mine experiences the same issue with Paraview 5.6.0, but using the Glyph filter he is able to visualize the grid points as spheres of any size (after setting the Scale Factor to 1):

In version 5.8.0, the Glyph filter won’t produce any spheres at all:

However, if I run the trace code that my colleague generated with Paraview 5.6 in Paraview 5.8.0, the spheres do show and remain visible when I change their radius. (6.7 KB)

Reported here :
Fixed here :

Should be fixed in master, last nightly and next release.