Go to specific time step in python script

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Is there a way to “jump” to a specific time step when creating an animation with a python script? I am only aware of:

GoToFirst, GoToLast, GoToNext, GoToPrevious

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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With your reader being the active source, and n being the timestep you are looking for :

   reader = GetActiveSource()
   view = GetActiveView()
   times = reader.TimestepValues
   view.ViewTime = times[n]
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Any objections to making a utility function for moving to a particular timestep by index @utkarsh.ayachit?

None, but let’s do it on the scene – same way as GoToFirst etc. The script @mwestphal provided is slightly different since it behaves differently if there are multiple temporal sources in the scene.

Thanks Mathieu, that solved my problem.


Ah indeed, multiple temporal sources complicate things a bit.