GPU stress testing ?

Are there any out of the box operations one can do to stress test GPU usage via Paraview.

Currently, I load the head volume render to exercise the OpenGL operations.

I may have a brief access to some new hardware to try out Paraview and was hoping to have something I can do with the latest Paraview out of the box without having to download external dataset.

If the above is not feasible, I will then consider e.g. large *.vti files to download

Thank you in advanced.

You can create large datasets using the Wavelet or Unstructured Cell Types sources.

I am trying out Wavelet and viewing the volume representation.

Is there a way to increase the density of the points that comes out of the wavelet node ? I tried clicking on the gear in the hope there are some additional parameters I can tweak but so far, I have not found one that increases the point density (which I hope will create denser volume there by putting more load on the GPU when rendering)

The Whole Extent property in the Properties tab is what controls the number of samples in each dimenion. Hover over the property for more information in the tooltip.