Gradient background "banding" in avi animation.

Why is avi animation saved in that huge size with that bad quality?

CRAM codec.
A proprietary, half century old, and outdated crap: 8-bit palettized or 15-bit RGB color space for ISO-bus x286 MCGA machines…

Vhy not FFV1, HUFFYUV, or MJPEG at least? The latter is an industry standard for frame-by-frame video sources. And CRAM is NOT lossless anyway…

Maybe, there’s a way to switch the codec, I do not know about?

I can’t remember the details… Basically we have to package a codec with ParaView (which licensing makes pretty much impossible) or use something we know will be available everywhere. On Windows that is an ancient, horrible codec. I would recommend saving out png images and then using a program of your own choosing to stitch them together into an AVI. Then you should be able to get whatever codec you want.

MJPEG, huffyuv and its variants are in FFmpeg, and guliverkli spawns.
There’s also DV codec.
MJPEG and DV are definitely industry standards.
CRAM is proprietary on the other hand, and rarely used today. (it’s like always available chose, which no-one ever wanted to make)

Well… I could find time for combining png. I could even find some time for writing png directly from Octave… but only after I am fired for slow performance, probably… ooohhh… of course, getting video at output saves a lot of time and nerves.

You can try changing the “Quality” in the Save Animation Options dialog. I think that makes it use different codecs. But I don’t know what it changes them to.

no, this control doesn’t look like codec switch, rather tuning of quantization. So now I render to theora/ogg, then recompress to HEVC/mp4. Not very convenient, but the result is not that ugly for gradients.