Gradient background doesn't seem to work

Very new to ParaView here. Running a recent version (5.7?) under Ubuntu Linux v 18.0.4 for OpenFoam data. Trying to create a gradient screen background. I open the “Paint Palette” thingy at the top and it lets me select the two gradient colors. Gradient color #1 works {as you can see I set it to grey}, but Gradient color #2 Never works. It always remains very dark blue or black. As you can see here I set it to light green (and clicked Apply) but it remains dk blue or black.

Is there any way to achieve this?

That’s a bug !

Could you open an issue here :

Thanks. I just did so.

A minor correction: my ParaView version is 5.6.0 64-bit, Qt Version 5.9.5.

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Thanks John for this bug report. Yep, this is the place to report bugs. This is also a very well written one.

This bug was already reported here: #15757. It is scheduled to get fixed this fall. As always, if we ask the developers to do 18 months of work in 6 months, some stuff will slip. We will see.

Duplicate. Closing.

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Thanks, I should have checked the current issues first.

Is there any progress on this bug? I was stumbling across this problem just recently.

I also wonder if the gradient background should be supported by the various render engines automatically or if they need to implement it themselves.

Yes, it will be fixed in ParaView 5.10.