Gradient background doesn't seem to work

Very new to ParaView here. Running a recent version (5.7?) under Ubuntu Linux v 18.0.4 for OpenFoam data. Trying to create a gradient screen background. I open the “Paint Palette” thingy at the top and it lets me select the two gradient colors. Gradient color #1 works {as you can see I set it to grey}, but Gradient color #2 Never works. It always remains very dark blue or black. As you can see here I set it to light green (and clicked Apply) but it remains dk blue or black.

Is there any way to achieve this?

That’s a bug !

Could you open an issue here :

Thanks. I just did so.

A minor correction: my ParaView version is 5.6.0 64-bit, Qt Version 5.9.5.

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from the ParaFolks–
Thanks John for this bug report. Yep, this is the place to report bugs. This is also a very well written one.

This bug was already reported here: #15757. It is scheduled to get fixed this fall. As always, if we ask the developers to do 18 months of work in 6 months, some stuff will slip. We will see.

Duplicate. Closing.

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Thanks, I should have checked the current issues first.