Grid edges from invisible surfaces leak through

Dear devs,
I’d like to report what I think is bug, introduced, I believe, in 5.7 but prevailing in 5.8. Below is a picture from an OpenFOAM case, with “surface with edges” visualization turned on.

We are looking at the corner of the box forming the simulation domain, and what we see is that the grid from invisible surfaces leaks through!

UPD: A slighly better clarification. The side facing us only contains rectangular cells. The bottom surface, which should not be visible at all, is meshed with triangles, and these are leaking through. The surface alinged iwth yOz is meshed with rectangles and these are also leaking through a bit.

This should be fixed in upcoming 5.8.1 see this.



We’ve seen this pop up a few times. Should we create a FAQ entry for it ?

Good idea

Is a link to a FAQ post already available? I’m facing this issue still in 5.9.0

Welcome to the community, ReneHommel!

If you are seeing issues with 5.9.0, there is very likely a slightly different issue than posted above. Could you please provide us with a screenshot, a toy dataset, and directions how to replicate? Be sure to include what OS you are on, and if you are using remote server. Thanks. Alan

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Thank you for replying quickly. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue anymore, changed the settings in the meantime. But started yesterday using a fresh 5.9.0 install on Mac Catalina an did exactly showed this behaviour. Perhaps I had an old configuration file in my $HOME?