GridConnectivity: does anyone use it?

Does anyone use the Grid Connectivity filter in ParaView? The filter does not support paritioned dataset collections right now. I am trying to evaluate if its worth fixing it. Looking at the implementation its not entirely clear to me why one would use this filter.

I do not use this filter but I still see the point of being able to run connectivity even on multiblock datasets without the need of merging into a ug.

That being said GridConnectivity seems to be highly specific to exodus input and even refers to Pedigree arrays in the code.

In any case there is no point of having a “GridConnectivity” and a “Connectivity” filter.

I’d vote for removing the filter and improving Connectvity filter to support partitioned dataset.

I agree with Mathieu that the Grid Connectivity filter seems a bit redundant with the Connectivity filter. Maybe I’m missing the use case though and how that’s separate from the Connectivity filter. I do use the Connectivity filter and find it useful.

Cool. It also produces some weird mutliblock output that does not preserve input structure. What’s what makes me wonder that no one uses it. It’s definitely old. I suspect written in early days of ParaView.

Thanks folks…I’ll purge it. We can bring it back if ever needed or better yet, fortify the other Connectivity filter.

Maybe wait a couple of days though for some more feedback. I’m not sure Mathieu and I are representative of the full ParaView community on this one :slight_smile:

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the commit can always be reverted with ease…at least the dashboard won’t stay broken and introduce new failures :).