gui elements created dynamically

Is it possible using python plugin/live-source to have the gui pane dynamically populated at run time.
after importing an stl file I want to put a range control on the gui based on the data i just read in.
I see how to define things statically with decorators and such but cannot find if its possible for dynamic creation.

It may be possible to do something close but you will have to give more details and contexts.

let me try then.
I bring in a geometry file of a part using just basic paraview file open.
I now have a external data file that contains x,y,z coordinates, value, value type .
The x,y,z coordinates align/map to a point on the part.
My goal is to show the value of a particular value type on my part ideally via a arrow showing magnitude and directions (in/out from face of part at the point).
I am trying to see what the simplest/easiest approach would be using python and paraview.
I have been reading about filters, programmable sources, plugins and it appears to have a very rich landscape but I am having trouble picking a direction.
The idea behind the dynamic gui population is that the I would use the value type infomation as a way of deciding which values to show. So the value types are not known till you read the file and I wanted a way to select/show only x,y,x values for a selected value type in the external file.

Hope this give a bit more context.

Sounds like you can just read your file and use the glyph filter or the glyph representation.

I ended up making a custom reader based off the csv pyhon reader and got the data into a table, then used tableToPoints followed by add glyph to my pipeline.

I would of liked add the glyh directly from the reader but could not find any examples that made glyphs from tables within a python plugin…