h5py support in ParaView


I need to develop some custom filters to manipulate data stored in a HDF5 file.
I’ve seen a very interesting post on Kitware Blog on that subject.
It seems that this receipt cannot work with current official ParaView package: it uses the h5py module which currently in not available in these packages.

A ticket to add h5py support in Paraview binairies has been open two years ago. Does anybody know if there is some work in progress on that issue?

I’ve also seen a receipt to build h5py with paraview but it seems a bit outdated. Does anybody has an updated receipt working with ParaView 5.6 or 5.7, Python 3 and some hints to make it works for linux and windows ?

Thanks in advance,



It is indeed on the wish list, but is potentially a non-trivial fix. Such issues tend to get deferred until there’s some funding available to work on it.