Hanging issue using OpenFOAM + Catalyst in a HPC cluster


We developed with ESI a function object that couple OpenFOAM with Catalyst.
We created a pipeline that performs a rendering of a contour of a field together with the wireframe of the geometry and tested it on a HPC cluster with 500 mpi processes and software rendering (MESA 17.3 + llvmpipe).
The adaptor is linked with paraview, not the light catalyst subset.

We found that the adaptor hangs or the performance are very poor (we waited for 6 minutes before killing the application). Looking at the post “Poor performance benchmarking Catalyst”, it may be a performance problem.

Same issue it has been found if we concatenate two or more filters.

The hanging problem does not occur if we remove the wireframe from the rendering.

Has anyone experienced the same problem in a HPC environment?
Does anyone have any hints of what can be the source of problems?