Hardware requirements

I am intending to use dream3D and Paraview to analyze my CT data. I tried to run an image in my laptop, it works (very slowly) on dream3D, but it crashes Paraview.
Could you give me a suggestion of ideal hardware requirements I need to run paraview, please?

It depends on your data size and post processing task. What is the format and size of your CT data ?

Hi Mathieu,

For the most basic analysis, I am using 8-bit images of about 1 MB each (tif file), and the whole sample corresponds to 1000 images. But I get these images in 16-bits and in some cases I have 2000 images of 8 MB each for one object…

By now, I tried to follow the tutorial “Import Image Stack” posted on youtube (BlueQuartz Software channel), and did not go forward because my computer crashes when I try to apply threshold (even when I use just a few images).

Looks like a bug or a misuse. Could you share your data and steps to reproduce ?

Yes, I just followed the instructions from the video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=POQsTKEHMjQ), got a xdmf file. In paraview I just opened the file and applied threshold, then it gave me the image attached, but the software stopped to work… paraview crash|690x419
4XBIN2~30023.tif (828.8 KB) 4XBIN2~30024.tif (828.8 KB) 4XBIN2~30025.tif (828.8 KB) Untitled.xdmf (1.5 KB)

You .xdmf references HDF5 files that are not present is the data your shared.

I was able to produce a XDMF3 file using your .tiff files.
correctingDataB.xmf (1.6 KB)

Hi Mathieu,

I was not able to open the file you sent me, I get an error message (Failed to read attribute data). I also tried to open my files generated by dream3d in another computer, and it does not work, I need to run both programs in the same computer. Thanks for your help.

I figured out the software requirements. According to Mike Jackson from dream3d, I will need a computer with “minimum 128GB of RAM if not 256GB of RAM and a VERY fast storage system such as a multi-terabyte NVMe SSD. I would also have a larger spinning (8TB) hard drive for “near line” storage since those are less expensive. Having that much system memory pushes you into the Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc systems. Lots of Cores are always helpful for the filters that can take advantage of those additional cores”.


The problems you are having are not related to your hardware not being sufficient.