Hashcode in Programmable Filter

I’ve been trying to convert a Point Array of the Properties Panel (a double value) into hashcode with the help of the programmable filter. I tried several times, but it never worked.
I expected to see another parameter on the Spreadsheet view, but I never was able to. Do I have to define that additionally?
I especially had problems in defining the input and output and extracting/using the Point array in the filter itself. I tried to convert via the hash() method.
I’d be thankful for any advice

Now I have following:

input = inputs[0]
pointData = input.GetPointData()
firstUid = pointData.GetArray(‘uid_1’)
firstHash = hash(firstUid)
output.PointData.append(firstHash, ‘‘firstHash“)

I can see firstHash in the Spreadsheet view, however it is the same value for every uid_1 (Originally I am working on Particles, each having their own uid)

What did I do wrong?

Here the hash() method only hashes the pointer to the data array, not the contents of the array.

You need a for loop to hash each of your values, and add them into a new array.

Thank you!

I tried to iterate as you said, but I am still not familiar with the Programmable filter.
How can I use the for loop in particular?

Okay, so here is what I found out: With firstUid = pointData.GetArray(‘uid_1’) Paraview returns a None-Value. This explains why firstUid[i].GetValue() was throwing an Exception the whole time, when I tried using the for loop.
Is there another way to get the Point Array?