HDF5 Compound in ParaView

Hi ParaView Community,
Just wonder does the ParaView can support HDF5 compound data structure ?
A compound dataset is like the one created by the below code example


Say we have a 2D data mesh, each mesh point has more than one attributes, x,y,…
Instead of storing each attribute to a separate dataset in HDF5, we use the compound data structure to store them together. Major motivation is to reduce I/O cost.


Welcome to ParaView, @Bin_Dong!

ParaView reads a variety of HDF5-based file formats, including formats that store multiple attributes for points all in a single file. The question is whether any of the readers support your particular HDF5 file structure - ParaView can’t understand arbitrary HDF5 formats without some knowledge of the structure in the file. That knowledge may be encoded in the reader itself, or in a meta format like XDMF.

Hi Cory,
Thanks for the response. Yes, it is true that reader code or the XDMF file deals with the file content of HDF5.
Do you by chance have idea where I can find information about the reader or the XDMF file for HDF5?